We're Bringing Hollywood to You
By Suhad Obeidi

Last year, Hollywood announced numerous projects that depicted Islam and Muslims.  MPAC’s Hollywood Bureau (HB) has ensured that American Muslims are involved in the process and engaging with Hollywood writers and directors on projects that explore our community. In fact, this Friday, an MPAC consulting project,  “Camp X-Ray,” will be released in theaters. The film starring  “Twilight” actress  Kristen Stewart displays the inhumane conditions at Guantanamo Bay.
In light of the current global political climate, we anticipate that there will only be more stories written about Muslims. This year, we will bring this important conversation to our  annual convention, titled  “America Deserves Better,” which will be held at the  Long Beach Convention Center on  Saturday, December 13. We will be hosting a not to be missed session titled: Collaboration or Cancellation: Shaping the Image of Islam & Muslims in Hollywood.
The session will feature:

We invited a diverse range of panelist who will bring a broad range of experience and different perspectives about the perceptions of Muslims in Hollywood. We will also discuss the opportunities and challenges that Muslims face on-screen in Hollywood, how we can capitalize on these opportunities and the best approach to tackling these challenges. 
The daytime program will additionally include the following sessions:
1. Let’s Be Honest: Tackling Taboos in the American Muslim Community
2. ISIS: Result of Failed Policies or Perverted Ideologies?
Now is the time to participate in these important conversations that will impact our community and country!
We hope to see you there.



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