Loyola University of Chicago Hosts Sufi Qawwali

On September 5, 2014, Loyola University of Chicago hosted a very special evening of traditional Islamic music from Pakistan and India, called Qawwali, a centuries old fixture of sufi cultural practices, in its Mundelein auditorium.

Over 300 appreciative listeners, many from the student body and others from the community, were awestruck by the powerful rhythm and the soul-stirring singing of the performers, who came from Pakistan. For the students born and grown up here it was a first, as they experienced a live demonstration of a Muslim tradition meant to inspire among the faithful a longing for the Divine and a disengagement from the daily distractions of material life.

The musical group lead by Fareed Ayaz and his brother Abu Muhammad enthralled the audience into the late hours of the evening with their choice selections and powerful singing.

Dr Marcia Hermanson, Head of the Dept of Theology and Islamic World Studies at Loyola, earlier introduced them to the guests and thanked the community sponsors for their support and patronage in making this historic event possible at the college. Zafar Malik from East West University, Asad Jafri from Sukoon Creative and Azher Quader from Community Builders were recognized for their help. She also recognized the Consul General of Pakistan, Mr. Tirmizi for his presence in the gathering.

The Qawwali group is on a tour of N. America with stops in many major cities of both the US and Canada. An audio recording of the program will be posted on CBC’s Sound Bites later this month. For a video recording of the same please email Community Builders Council (CBC) at cbcillinois@gmail.com ; or call 773 770-6166.



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