Will You Be at Our 2014 Convention


Dear Friends,
From Nobel Prize winners Ahmed Zewail and Shirin Ebadi to NFL stars Hamza and Husain Abdullah to academics Dr. Cornel West and Dr. John Esposito, MPAC’s Annual Convention always brings together the nation’s top personalities for a day of thought-provoking discussion and debate about major issues facing America and the American Muslim co mmunity.
The 2014 MPAC convention titled, “America Deserves Better” will be held at the Long Beach Convention Center on Saturday, December 13. This convention will help orient us towards better policies, better understanding of current issues and better community engagement.
America needs us. She needs her Muslim community to take a leadership role in these challenging times. We are part of the fabric of this great country and we must provide a direction that continues to enrich American pluralism away from bigotry. We must help in navigating our country through the dangerous terrain as more war and confrontation are prescribed for the near future. America needs Muslims to speak in a clear and consistent voice to provide answers for contemporary challenges.
The daytime program will include the following sessions:
1. Let’s Be Honest: American Muslims Talk on Taboo Issues
2. Collaboration or Cancellation: Shaping the Image of Islam & Muslims in Hollywood
3. ISIS: Result of Failed Policies or Perverted Ideologies?

This is a chance to interact with great minds and to exchange ideas that will shape the future of our nation and community for the better.
We hope to see you there,
Salam Al-Marayati, MPAC President



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