Irfan Murtaza Grieved

Syed Murtaza Ali, father of well-known poet/writer and President of Urdu Writers Society of North America Irfan Murtaza, passed away on April 3. Inna Lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un . He was laid to rest in the Westminster Memorial Park, Garden Grove.

His death was widely mourned by members of the community who had come to admire him at literary functions and social events where he was often present in the company of his enterprising son. The son-and-father duo had a civilizing influence on the proceedings.

Irfan was a devoted son and showed manifest affection and respect for his father. His loss is not difficult to fathom and is felt by the community. Pakistan Link shares his bereavement.

May Syed Murtaza Ali's soul rest in peace and God grant Irfan and his family fortitude and courage to bear the loss. (Ameen)


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