Successful Global Campaign Feeds Thousands of Children around the World

Bellerose, NY:This past Friday marked the end of Ramadan, a month­long period of spiritual and physical revival for millions of Muslims around the world. During the month, Muslims focus on inner reflection whilst helping others in need, especially the less fortunate, so this year, one halal vitamin company made a personal commitment to help the less fortunate, and it translated into huge success.


For Dr Mohamed Issa, the CEO of Noor Pharmaceuticals, makers of NoorVitamins, this personal commitment came in the form of the #NoorishTheHungry campaign. “During the month of Ramadan Noor Pharmaceuticals donated a full meal to a child in need for every NoorVitamins bottle purchased,” said Dr Issa.


“We have a corporate social responsibility that extends beyond making great quality products and that is to make a positive difference in our community. All we did was facilitate an opportunity for our customers to join us in helping others.” To date, the #NoorishTheHungry campaign has successfully fed

thousands of children this past month “helping feed thousands in need worldwide this month became one of the most fulfilling things we've done as a company," said Dr Issa.

The campaign received such a positive reception, that NoorVitamins wants nothing more than to continue to create other great initiatives like this one. “Campaigns like #NoorishTheHungry make us proud to give back while providing an opportunity for the community to get in on the helping. We want to make it easy for everyone to do their part to help make a positive impact in the world,” said Dr Issa. NoorVitamins is wrapping up their campaign via their social media and is looking to find other innovative ways to help give back with the community in mind.




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