Haj Rates for 2015 Announced by Saudi  Haj Ministry


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Riyadh:  The minimum cost of Haj this year will be SR3,000 and the maximum will be SR11,890, Haj Minister Bandar Hajjar was quoted as saying by a local daily on Sunday. 
The pilgrimage charges have been divided into various categories such as low, medium, top and supreme. 

The cost for the  top category will be SR8,146, SR8,084, SR8,021, SR7,896, SR7,546 and SR7,771, while  medium category is at SR7,895, SR7,833, SR7,770, SR7,645, SR7,520 and SR7295. The prices in another category are SR6,493, SR6,431, SR6,368, SR6,118, SR5,893.  The cost in the supreme category is SR11,890 maximum.

Charges for the  low cost Haj are SR5,250, SR5,050, SR4,650, SR4,400, SR4,150, SR3,250 and  the rates for non-comprehensive program are SR5,000, SR 4,000, SR3,900 and SR3,000, the minister said.  Facilities like accommodation and transport will vary according to the categories, he said, adding that  pilgrims will get additional services on the condition that the same are not at the cost of the space provided at the holy sites, especially Mina. 

The launch of the electronic facility for domestic pilgrims this year will give citizens and residents a chance to choose the right service provider and program. The electronic system will ensure that citizens and residents reach licensed Haj facilities only, in addition to controlling the rates and enable pilgrims to perform Haj in a systematic way.

The ministry aims to provide quality services at reasonable prices, protect the rights of citizens and residents and prevent fake Haj tour agents from duping those who desire to perform the pilgrimage. 

The activities will be directly supervised by the Haj Ministry to ensure there is no violation of the rules and regulations and to achieve high level of transparency in the services.


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