Karachi Se Lahore Team Takes over Hollywood
By  Hassan Choudary

Karachi: It’s a great time for Pakistani cinema. Two releases on Eid. Three on Independence Day and one in between; a total of six within a month. Pretty amazing if you think about it. And what’s even more exciting is that one of these movies has just had a premiere in Hollywood!

The Karachi Se Lahore crew are in Los Angeles these days and seem to have taken Hollywood by storm after their film’s premiere there — apparently a first for a Pakistani film.

“We are overwhelmed beyond words to be in Hollywood. Karachi Se Lahore is the first Pakistani movie to ever show in Hollywood and we feel so honored to be here,” lead actress Ayesha Omar excitedly told The Express Tribune while speaking to us from LA.

“Wajahat (the director) and I were sitting next to each other and I looked at him and asked ‘what did we do to deserve this?’ And we both simultaneously said ‘pure, honest intentions’,” she added.

Ayesha said that they have received fantastic response from the audience there; even those who don’t understand Urdu were in fits because it has been subtitled really well. “The response is amazing. Beyond what we expected. Everyone loved the movie.”

The actress — whose dance number Tutti Frutti has become a major hit — asserted that although hard work always pays off, you also need to have a positive attitude. “No jealousy or hate for anyone else’s success. If you think well for others, good things happen to you too.” - Courtesy The Express Tribune


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