US Authorities Assure Ambassador Jilani

No Discriminatory Measures against Muslim Community


Washington, DC: In a letter to the Pakistani-American community, Ambassador Jalil Abbas Jilani has stated that “the US authorities have assured us that Muslim community - particularly Pakistani-Americans - being equal citizens of the United States, would not be subjected to any discriminatory measures.” The Ambassador’s letter to the community states: The San Bernardino mass shooting incident has caused insecurity and unrest among the American Muslim community, in general, and Pakistani-American community, in particular.

While the investigation is underway to find the exact motives of the shooters, the suspicions of drawing inspiration from radical and extremist ideologies is a cause of concern. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Pakistan Embassy have condemned the incident in strongest possible terms and conveyed our sincere condolences and sympathies for the victims, their friends and families.

The Pakistani-origin of the shooters obviously formed a shocking revelation for the law-abiding and peace-loving Pakistani-American community. The Embassy got in touch with the US Government and offered our full cooperation in the ongoing investigation. We hope that the investigation would lead the authorities to the truth and bring those responsible to justice.

It is certainly significant that President Obama in his address to the American nation on Dec 6, 2015 rightly acknowledged the positive role played by Muslim Americans as friends, neighbors, co-workers, sports heroes and men and women in uniform willing to die in defense of the United States. We are thankful to President Obama for his prudent approach towards this issue.

We draw satisfaction from the fact that Pakistan and the United States have been long-standing and trusted partners in the global effort to combat terrorism and closely cooperate to address challenges facing their respective countries.

During the course of our engagement, the US authorities have assured us that Muslim community- particularly Pakistani-Americans- being equal citizens of the United States, would not be subjected to any discriminatory measures. The Embassy intends to sustain these constructive measures with the authorities concerned for ensuring that the community is continued to be recognized as peaceful, law-abiding and responsible citizens and residents of the United States.

The Government of Pakistan accords a high priority to safeguarding the interests of Pakistani-American community and we have full confidence in the community's resilience to cope with such challenges.

I am sure that as an active member of the Pakistani-American community, you would be able to reassure your fellow Pakistanis with regard to our efforts for the protection of their rights and interests. You can play an important role at this challenging time to reinforce the community's role as peace-loving, moderate and hard-working citizens. I strongly recommend that the positive and constructive approach reflected in President's address must be duly acknowledged by the Pakistanis American community. I would encourage you to optimally utilize social media and other appropriate means to that end.

As the Ambassador of Pakistan to the United States, let me reiterate continued cooperation and support of my team in this noble endeavor.



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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