Our Enemies Will Not Divide Us
By Salam Al-Marayati
MPAC President

Los Angeles, CA: As about 1,000 members of the Los Angeles interfaith, civil and Muslim community gathered for the #United4HumanityLA Rally   to commemorate the loss of life in San Bernardino, the words of MPAC co-founder   Dr. Maher Hathout , may God rest his soul, rang true more than ever. He always encouraged us to "stay together." Here we were -- Muslims, Christians, Jews, Sikhs and members of other faiths gathered together proclaiming that we would not be divided after a horrific terror attack took the lives of 14 Americans.

This rally for humanity is a testament to the strength of our nation. We were honored to have the Mayor of Los Angeles,   Eric Garcetti   and Mayor of San Bernardino,   Carey Davis   speak at the rally, along with numerous other esteemed leaders. Mayor Garcetti reminded us to not let these difficult times break us apart from each other, but rather bring us together. 

I am inspired by our resilience and ability to not allow our enemies to divide us. We are one society, one people and   one human family. We are reminded on a daily basis of the challenges of violent extremism, but we aspire to uphold justice for all. America is above all else the land of the free and all forms of terrorism are a danger to our freedom. Terrorism has no faith. Terrorists do not care who they kill, but they care about one thing -- to create fear and division between us.

We must stand in solidarity, so the terrorists do not divide us. 



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