APPNA's Fundraising for Karachi Heat-wave Victims Exceeds $ 50,000

The  fundraising drive by APPNA beginning June 24th, 2015 was well supported by the Pakistani expatriates in the USA. In the first 24 hours the donors, mostly writing checks ranging from $ 20 to $100, were sending $1000 per hour on APPNA's website.

This grassroots support for APPNA's fundraising drive was  a very encouraging sign. Alumni of APPNA, e.g., Dow Medical College Alumni of North America (DOGANA), RMCOF (Rawalpindi Medical College Overseas Foundation ) also contributed as well as individual members. Dr Mubasher Rana (CA), APPNA President, stated, "APPNA has a strong and longstanding tradition of helping in charitable causes.  The situation in Karachi and Southern Sindh is very grim and resources in Pakistan are limited. People are in dire state in this holy month of Ramadan. It is imperative we do whatever we can to relieve their suffering and illness. APPNA will continue to play its part in providing medical and social relief." Dr Rana has previously served as  Chair of Social Welfare and Disaster Relief Committee (SWDRC) which responds to such disasters.

The recent heat-wave in Karachi where the temperature in the shade touched 112.64 F, and was the highest recorded anywhere in Pakistan in the past 15 years, has resulted in over 1200 deaths. With power outages to compound the problem, people have been falling victims to heat stroke. The unprecedented event mobilized APPNA's (SWDRC) which established arrangements for the delivery of food, intravenous fluids, oral hydration packets and medicines. Hospitals such as Abbasi Shaheed received food for patients and their attendants for iftar. The committee is working with Civil, Indus, Qatar and Jinnah Hospitals for the provision of needed supplies.

Dr Aisha Zafar (IN), Chair SWDRC stated, "After providing funds for acute care like medicines and food, we are now focusing on providing water coolers for clean water in hospitals in Karachi. Each cooler costs around $ 350 and our goal is to cover as many hospitals as possible."

APPNA is a 501C3 charitable organization established in USA in 1977.



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