SCMCO Organizes Third Joint Masjid Badminton Tournament 2015

On March June 7th players from different mosques and institutions from all over Southern California participated in the “Third Joint Masjid Badminton Tournament 2015” held at the San Gabriel Badminton Club, Pomona.

The tournament was the 15 th mega event organized by SCMCO to bring the Muslim community together through social activities.

 The tournament offered contest in the following categories:

  1)  Men’s Singles, Men’s Doubles

  2)  Women’s Singles

  3)  Girls 16 and Under

  4)  Men’s Over 50

The Rules and Regulation Committee lead member Ali Haque explained the rules of engagement.

Lunch was served to all volunteers and players. ICNA Relief sponsored the event.

Al Hamra Halal Restaurant, Redondo Beach and Al Noor Restaurant, Lawndale were sponsors for fliers.

SCMCO Advisory Council member from ICIE Abdul Hafiz thanks everyone for their participation. He also highlighted the efforts of SCMCO and led the Zhur Salat.

The event concluded with SCMCO Chairperson Dawar Naqvi thanking everyone for their contribution and support. He expressed gratitude to Allah SWT for the success of the event. He also expressed his thanks to several individuals for their wholehearted support, including Brother Abdul Haeez and Brother Ali Haque. He also thanks ICNA Relief for sponsoring an event. SCMCO congratulates the Tournament winners. The results are as follows:



First Place

Second Place

Men’s Single

Mohammad Mahbubur Rab

Ali Haque

Men's Open Doubles

Mohammad Mahbubur Rab & Rizwan Mahbub

Ali Haque & Feroz Mustafa


Women Single

Alberuni Rab

Roxana Mostafa Henna

Under 16 Girls

Ameenah Rab

Fariba Wazed

Men’s Over 50

Reza Md Shahnewaz

Tariq Sultan


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