FBI Makes History, Serves Iftar Dinner to 500 Muslims at King Fahad Mosque

July 7th 2015 was a historic day marking a new chapter in Muslim-FBI partnership. On the auspicious day, the FBI hosted a sumptuous Iftar party for 500 Muslims at the spacious King Fahad Mosque in Culver. The Mosque is the largest place of worship for Muslims on the westside.  
Mahomed Khan, Director of Interfaith & Outreach, said on the occasion: “We invited and partnered with the FBI for two reasons. 
First we are very much appreciative and thankful to them.  In 2001, the FBI uncovered a dangerous plot to blow up the Mosque two days before the Eid congregation. Had it not been for the alert sounded by the FBI and the vigilance of its dedicated agents many of us might not be alive today. We thank the FBI for their services in protecting the freedom of worship of all faiths in our country. In this holy month we pray for the safety of all the agents. Second, partnership is crucial for all of us to promote and nurture trust. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) had said: Suspicion is the blackest lie. The Holy Qur'an states: Avoid suspicion, in some cases it's a sin. 
"We are peaceful citizens trying to raise our children and keep our faith values by worshiping in this holy month and breaking our fast. 
"Good citizens join FBI because they care and want to serve and protect society. No one is above the Constitution. Unless we communicate and build partnerships we only pre-judge each other. After a long day without food and water it was truly pleasing and soul-lifting to be served iftari by FBI Assistant Director in Charge David Bowdich and Special Agent In charge of Counter- terrorism Stephen Woolery. It was a very unique and memorable experience." 
In the ladies section, FBI Director Of Outreach Lori Nelson served food to the families. 
After iftar and prayers, Rauf Patel, Director of King Fahad Mosque, welcomed the FBI officials and thanked them. 
FBI Assistant Director in Charge David Bowdich remarked, "During this month of Ramadan it is the FBI's pleasure to serve our community". 



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