Zahid Ali Baig Passes away
Zahid Ali Baig, son of late Mirza Abbas Ali Baig, passed away peacefully on April 9 in Van Nuys. Innalilahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon.
His death w
as expected, as he had been chronically ill for quite some time, but his demise left his relatives, friends, and admirers distressed and disconsolate. He was profusely loved by all and sundry and left many with the regret that they could not tend to him, as they ought to have done, owing to the agonizing pressures and pressing callings of work-a-day life.
He was a quintessential gentleman demonstrating traits and qualities that one would identify with Jane Austen’s characters and Qiratul Ain Hyder’s heroes. Strikingly handsome and dashing, Zahid was a picture of grace and poise – a thoroughbred aristocrat of yesteryear. He made his mark as a young entrepreneur, and despite setbacks in later life, maintained his endearing deportment and demeanor till the end.
He loved his children – Bobby, Jawaid, Shirin, Khalid and Shaan -   and their mother and would fondly talk about them. His affection for his brothers and sisters – Abid, Shahid, Farida, Rashid, Sajid, Majid, Fauzia, Fauqia, Hamid, Wajid and Jawaid – was also profound and he unreservedly prided on their attainments.
The family kids were the apple of his eye. Returning his affection, the youngsters relished their association with him. Said a nephew who was deeply attached to him, “If I could achieve half as much as uncle Zahid did, I would have considered myself a successful man.” 
Zahid Ali Baig was buried in the Pearce Brothers Cemetery on April 11. Sons Jawaid and Shaan laid him to rest in the presence of a large number of relatives and admirers. Some fought tears, others sobbed uncontrollably.
Pakistan Link shares the bereavement of the Baig family. May the departed soul rest in peace and Allah grant the bereaved family fortitude and courage to bear the loss. (Ameen)


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