Al-Shifa Clinic Celebrates 16 Years of Humanitarian Service

On May 31, 2015, Al-Shifa Clinic celebrated its 16th year of service in San Bernardino, California by holding its annual banquet and fundraiser at the Knott's Berry Farm Hotel.

Al-Shifa provides free health care to the indigent and uninsured population of San Bernardino. Besides providing family practice services, the clinic also takes care of specialty services like cardiology, pediatrics, dental care, pulmonary specialists, gynecologists, orthopedics, nephrology, physical medicine and many more. It also provides preventative services and health education.

Guest and keynote speakers included Rashida Tlaib from the Michigan House of Representatives and Shaikh Abdulbary Yahya from Seattle, Washington.

The Chairperson of Al-Shifa Clinic, Dr Talat Khan exhorted the gathering to support the Clinic. She emphasized the importance accorded in Islam to spirituality and healing, and the promise of reward in the Hereafter for such services. Through stories from the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, as well as examples in contemporary society, she illustrated how touched people are when they see others rendering this type of service. Citing how Loma Linda Hospital provides a positive portrayal of Seventh Day Adventists, and how the population of South Los Angeles has a more positive image of Muslims because of the UMMA Clinic, she emphasized that it is important for Muslims to support such laudable efforts.

At the event, the Medical Director, Dr Mohammed Yaqub, acknowledged the role of Al-Shifa's volunteers, physicians and non-physicians, who have helped the Clinic in fulfilling its role. He also thanked the organizations that have provided grants to the Clinic, with the main support coming from the Muslim community.

Dr Makbul Patel, the chief dentist and founder of Al-Shifa's dental department, provided details of dental care provided by the Clinic along with healthcare. Al-Shifa provides services to 300 dental and 300 medical patients per month. 

Rashida Tlaib, in her eloquent speech, emphasized the importance of good humanitarian work by the Muslim community and its accruing benefits. She urged Muslims to do good work so that they are visible in society. Comedian Baba Ali provided entertainment during dinner. 

According to Dr Khan, supporting free health clinics "reaches the hearts, heals prejudices at a time when we desperately need people to see the real side of Muslims, and paves a path for us to Paradise. Given all this, how can we not support this clinic?" 

Al-Shifa is seeking donations to reach its fundraising goal. To donate, visit , call 909.473.9342, or send a check to Al-Shifa Clinic/2034 Mallory Lane/San Bernardino, CA 92407.


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