Fanna-Fi-Allah Challenge Negative Perspectives on Pakistan


Sufi Music Ensemble Fanna-Fi-Allah challenges negative perspectives on Pakistan by sharing the deeply spiritual music of Qawwali with audiences all over the world.


Fanna-Fi-Allah is the first group of Westerners to venture into the heart of Pakistan to explore the Sufi music culture of ‘Qawwali’. Over the last 15 years the group members have immersed themselves in the teachings of qawwali greats and sufi masters in Pakistan, learning directly about its traditions and practices.
They were recently sponsored by the US consulate in Pakistan to tour the country, promoting a message of tolerance, cultural connection and unity through this traditional music.


The group has just released a music video – filmed in Pakistan last year, containing footage from an exciting upcoming documentary on Sufi culture and music. The colorful footage features beautiful shrines, ecstatic trance, vibrant faces and the group members in their element!

Take a look at:


Fanna-Fi-Allah members are hugely respected for carrying the Sufi tradition of qawwali music to the West, helping people to understand a different, more peaceful perspective of the people of Pakistan.

This year they embark on a huge line-up of performances for their 15 th annual North American & Canadian tour including Beloved Festival, Omega Institute’s Autumn Chant, Bhakti Festival and shows in Toronto, Montreal, Portland, San Francisco, New York City and beyond.

Their performances invoke a mood of deep emotion and devotion. They are excited to share this passionate music with new audiences and loyal fans.


“The raw devotion of this music was engaging beyond words….”- Khalid Khan


Please get in touch with leader Tahir Qawwal at: for guest list, interviews, or promo copies of their CDs.

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