Humanity beyond Barriers Launched
By Ras H. Siddiqui

In a world often filled with skepticism and gloom, thankfully there are those who want to change things for the better.  Some congregate along ethnic, linguistic, religious and national groups to seek the betterment of their own communities, while there are others who do not wish to remain confined to boundaries and envision a future which benefits everyone. One such group was launched recently in Davis, California by the name of “Humanity Beyond Barriers” (HBB), a joint effort of local University of California academics and a significantly contributing South Asians especially from the area Bengali community. And since this scribe often also considers himself an honorary (non-Bangla speaking) Bangladeshi, this was an invitation which could not be turned down.

The vision and mission of the group declares that “HBB is non-profit social benefit organization based in greater Sacramento. Our mission is to enlighten, enhance and sustain the quality of life of underprivileged individuals and communities by eliminating barriers to reach their full potential opportunities through the power of education, science, training and work.” 

The Organization’s website also states that “from time to time, we will be partnering with other humanitarian organizations such as UC Davis Global Healthshare, as well as others to achieve our mission. Humanity Beyond Barriers sees a future free of poverty, ignorance and disease — a future where everyone can enjoy a long, healthy and prosperous life. Using the power of education, technology and economic development to enlighten, enhance and empower underprivileged individuals and their communities to reach their full potential for the betterment of humankind.”

The University of California connected Global HealthShare Initiative was founded in the year 2010 by Drs Raymond Rodriguez and Somen Nandi, to make affordable and accessible health care a reality. “The initiative was created to address the need for a global network of change makers willing to work together to accelerate the translation of health solutions for the world’s poorest market.” To achieve its goals, HBB has partnered itself with their vision to create a winning team.

 The May 30 th  kickoff event was a full house affair with an international flair. Emcees Abdullah Mahmud and Sifat Ferdousi  did a fine job in coordinating the diverse program which also consisted of an ethnic dance by Bipasha Chowdhury and a trio of wonderful kids. The speeches were informative and included an introduction of Humanity Beyond Barriers by one of its leading lights, Dr Sheikh Selim who explained the genesis and purpose of this organization. Dr Raymond Rodriguez elaborated on this effort and spoke on “Creating and Sustaining Global Health and Prosperity” as he was one of the people who officially represented the Global HealthShare Initiative here.  Dr James Cullor also gave a presentation on the “One Health Project Concept” in great detail.   In addition to the above short speeches were made by Sirajul Chowdhury, Saayma Shahid, Mohammed Khandaker, Aqueem Kabir and Dr Sayeda Kabir along with Dr Halima Karim, Majedul Islam and Waliul Islam along with a recap by Zaodat Rahman and a wrap-up by Dr Sheikh Salim.

A break for Magrib prayers was solemnly observed. And the event was not without food and entertainment as dinner was served and a cake-cutting ceremony held to commemorate the inauguration of HBB. Headlining the cultural entertainment was none other than Nandita Yasmin and local artists.


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
2004 . All Rights Reserved.