... And you helped make this happen

In the past week, Governor Jerry Brown signed three major bills into law that will help protect the rights of Californians and promote equality. All three of these bills were part of CAIR’s policy agenda this year and in partnership with community members and partner organizations, we have succeeded alhamdulillah.
This past Saturday, AB 953 was signed by Gov. Brown, which requires police officers to report the race of the people they stop and search and also creates a state board to review this data. This bill will directly address racial profiling.

On Monday, the Governor signed SB 358, which makes California’s Equal Pay laws the strongest in the country and will address the unjust pay disparity between men and women.

And just yesterday, SB 178 - the California Electronic Communications Privacy Act, was also signed into law. This bill protects privacy of electronic communications such as emails and texts, from warrantless searches.

CAIR-CA advocated for two of these bills during our fourth Annual Muslim Day at the Capitol(MDAC) this past April. This event by CAIR-CA mobilized nearly 500 American Muslims to Sacramento to engage legislatures for such positive change.

These efforts and victories are the best response to efforts that try to marginalize the American Muslim community and exemplify the positive impact we want to make in society. When we work together and focus on long-term strategic initiatives such as these bills, we will insha’Allah make the most impact for the betterment of all Californians.

Help us to continue this important work and strive for more victories. Please donate now to support CAIR-LA’s civic engagement and legislative efforts.


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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