Syed Asadullah Hussaini (Chakkar):  Gone but not Forgotten

It is with a heavy heart that I am informing your readership of the passing away of our beloved poet on August 23, 2015.  He suffered a massive stroke and was unable to recover from it. 

Jannab Chakkar was well known in literally circles and was appreciated for his humor-laden poetry.  Being a senior member of the poetry scene in Southern California he was usually asked to be the leader (Sadr) of the event. 

I was introduced to him by my father Syed Arifullah Hussaini twenty years or more ago.   My father was a prolific writer and wrote a column for Pakistan Link every week.  One day he pointed out a poem by Asadullah Hussaini and indicated that he might be his classmate from his school days.  I mentioned to him that we should try to find out if he was the same person.

Long story short it was my honor to escort him to a Mushaira event in Los Angeles where sure enough he was present with his wife and family.  The meeting of the two after 50 years or so in America was a scene I cannot forget.  He kept holding on to my Dad and would not let him go as tears kept rolling down his cheeks. 

The two of them were separated in 1948 as the fall of Hyderabad, India, became imminent.  My Dad left for Pakistan and Asadullah Sahab, being the only son of his parents, decided to stay back to be with them.  The next time they saw each other was at the Mushaira.

Asadullah Sahab admitted he was not the studious type as compared to my Dad who always happened to be at the top of his class.  Dad would cover for him as he would cut classes on a regular basis and practice playing the Tabla.  I have been told he was a very accomplished Tabla player and highly regarded in the music circles of his day. 

It was my pleasure to escort my Dad to his home in North Hollywood several times so they could spend time together.  After the passing of my mother, he would call Dad every day to enquire about his well- being.

His not being here is leaving a big hole for our family and especially for my Dad.   He is survived by his wife, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  May Allah grant him a high place in Jannah and forgive all his shortcomings.  We pray that his family copes with his passing with patience.  He may be gone, but he is not forgotten. – Asif Hussaini



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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