Team GalacTechs Makes it to Phase 2 of the Google Xprize Moonbots Competition!


Santa Ana, CA:The 2015 MOONBOTS Challenge is an international on-line competition that challenges youth from 8 to 17 years old to form a team (2-4 members) to design, create and program their own robots , says a press release. It adds:

The competition is divided into two phases. In Phase One, teams submitted a short video or written story about what inspires them about the Moon, from old tales to the potential of lunar exploration. Thirty teams were selected by a panel of experts to move onto the next stage: Phase Two. In Phase Two, teams received a robotics kit of their choice: LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3, VEX IQ Superkit or MECCANO Meccanoid G15 KS to create their own robot to rove on a simulated lunar landscape based on the story the team created in Phase One of the competition. Teams are also asked to create and upload a video showing how they have demonstrated their MOONBOTS game to children and adults in their community.

Three Grand PRIZE winners will land a once-in-a-life time trip to Japan to meet with teams from all over the world competing in the Google Lunar XPRIZE. The MOONBOTS teams will learn how these Google Lunar XPRIZE teams are planning to reach the Moon with their innovative robotic technology.

Our very own Team GalacTech, a dynamic foursome from Orange County, CA, aspiring to be the next winners of this completion and with a passion for science and technology, have built a lunar resort that will showcase state of the art features for its visitors. The ‘Four Moon Seasons’ is the brainchild of GalacTech Getaways, a lunar tourism company powered by Team GalacTechs. They have made it to Phase 2 of this competition and are conducting their public outreach initiatives currently. They did a fantastic demo at the Columbia Memorial Space Center and donated two of the VEX IQ kits to this wonderful establishment in Downey, CA which is dedicated to teaching kids about STEM through space exploration.

The team is scheduled to have 3 more demos – one at Fairmont School in Anaheim, CA, another one at the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Ana where they will be donating two more kits, and at Oso Grande Elementary school where one of the participants got his start at building robots. These kids have worked hard all summer in building robots and missions that melt ice water, a conveyer belt, a zip line, and many other exciting things that will allow for travel to the moon easier and more efficient for all of us.

About Team GalacTechs: Team GalacTechs  is made up of four future scientists with interests ranging from filmaking, acting, 3D printing, math and robotics.  Nadia (11),  Rayyan (10),  Kamran (10) and  Aleena (8) bonded over their love for space and their desire to explore the moon. For their inspirational tale, this fantastic foursome have envisioned a state of the art,  'Lunar Resort' (ie. temperature guided movable space camp) that will change the face of space travel forever. Through their agency,  GalacTech Getaways , these young explorer-entrepreneurs will provide safe, cost-effective access to the moon.

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