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Midnight’s Furies, the Eastern End
By A.H. Cemendtaur

I still have to read Nisid Hajari’s Midnight’s Furies, but I wonder if in his book Hajari has included the ordeal of a large group of stateless people stranded in present-day Bangladesh.  These 300,000 people have suffered from both 1947 and 1971 civil wars in South Asia.
On Saturday, April 10, a fundraiser to help the stateless people in Bangladesh was organized at the Royal Palace Banquet Hall in Fremont by the family of Nadeem Haque, a Bay Area technologist and his associates.  Zulki Khan, the CEO of NexLogic Technologies, was the main sponsor of the program.

The collected donations will go to OBAT Helpers, a non-profit organization based in Indiana and involved in educational, town planning, and micro-financing projects in the areas the stateless people in Bangladesh live in. 

Dr Maureen Lynch, former Senior Associate on Stateless Initiatives at Refugees International; Herb Behrstock, President of the United Nations Association of the United States of America, Northern California Division; Anwar Khan, the founder of OBAT Helpers; and Dr John Clark, Director OBAT, spoke at the fundraiser. 

The speech session was emceed by Samreen N. Haque.  A Q&A session with the speakers was moderated by Ahmer Khan.
An entertainment program featuring Riffat Sultana and group, and Tehseen Javed followed the dinner and the speeches.



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