Help Open the First Halal Food Pantry in Los Angeles

It is hard to accept that there are Muslims living beyond the poverty line in America, but the unfortunate reality is that there are, and many feel shy to ask for help, says an email message. It adds:

This is why Halal Project's future goal is to  open up a food pantry that will be a hub of halal meats and groceries for qualifying Muslim and non-Muslim families to get items free of charge. We have been serving halal meals every month for the past 4 years in one of the poorest districts of America, Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles, and have met many Muslims who are also trying to survive on the streets. To facilitate this project  UMMA Clinic will match a dollar for every dollar donated for a total fund of 12,500.  


Why it Matters

Despite the amount of food waste that we as a nation create every day, there are many who are struggling to provide a nutritious filling meal for their family. It is a duty upon us Muslims living in our country to address the poverty challenges that we as a nation face. This is where YOU and WE as a community come in to start making contributions as Muslims. It would be great to have a Halal food pantry where qualifying Muslims and non-Muslims can come to get good quality food. 

Halal Project also gives a platform for the Muslim community to come together to serve those in need.


The Project

100% of your funds will go towards funding the many projects of the organization such as buying food, clothes, and other necessary items that directly are for the people in need. NONE of your donations go to pay for personal expenses or salaries of any board members in this organization. Your money is an amanah from Allah and we take that trust very seriously.

The sum of money will cover the cost of opening up the food pantry and stocking it with the needed appliances and most importantly FOOD. Please let us know if you have specific questions.  


How You Can Help 

You can help by donating as much as you can even if it is a few dollars.  

Spread the word about this campaign and ask your friends and family to donate.

If you live within a reachable distance, come out to one of our monthly food distributions.

We are always looking for volunteers to help us maneuver our many projects and bright ideas.   


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