CAIR-LA Concerned about Muslim Women Allegedly Being Kicked out of Urth Caffe

Anaheim, CA:  The Greater Los Angeles office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-LA) April 26 stated that it was deeply concerned about an incident at Urth Caffe in which a group of Muslim women were kicked out apparently without a valid reason. 
On Friday evening April 22nd, Sara Farsakh and her group of hijab observing friends were at the Laguna Beach outpost of Urth Caffe. The ladies had barely received their order, before an employee asked them to leave. 
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The Caffe posted a 45 time limit policy for tables in place if other customers are waiting for seats, but according to Farsakh, a group of white women sitting near her table told them they had been there since before Farsakh's party arrived and had never been asked to leave.
Two Caucasian women approached the Muslim patrons and informed them that they had not been asked to leave even though they had been in the café for a longer period of time and a group of women sitting behind the Muslim patrons also indicated they had been there for approximately 4 hours and had not been asked to leave.
Contrary to the statements made by Urth caffé, a video taken by the Muslim patrons shows that there were seats available both inside and outside of the restaurant.
The video has gone viral, receiving over 260,000 views since Sara Farsakh posted it to Facebook on Saturday.
Their requests to speak with a manager or owner were fruitless. Additionally, Farsakh stated that one of the employees indicated that the owner was aware of the situation. The cops were called and asked to escort the guests off the property.

With the counsel of CAIR-LA's Civil Rights Department, the Muslim patrons are contemplating their legal options and will make a decision on how to proceed in the coming days.
"CAIR-LA is investigating the matter and is very concerned about the possible bias motive involved in this incident in wake of recent events in which Muslims were kicked off a plane or refused service simply for allegedly being Muslim,"  said CAIR-LA Executive Director Hussam Ayloush. "No customer should have to face the humiliation of being kicked out or refused service if they are compliant with the business' policies. Public spaces, such as restaurants, are prohibited from applying a business policy that denies access to services in a discriminatory manner."


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