Benazir Bhutto Leadership Program Launched at Harvard University


Bhutto Leadership Program (BBLP), an initiative to prepare people who will be assuming leadership positions in Muslim countries, has been launched at the Harvard University on Monday, said a statement from   Class Achieving Change Together   (ClassACT HR73).

Empowering women is a key goal of the BBL, added the statement.

The initiative was launched by a service organization called Class Achieving Change Together (ClassACT HR73). The organization was established by class fellows of slain PPP leader Benazir Bhutto from Harvard.

The program was launched through a daylong assembly titled “Leading in the Muslim World: What would Benazir do today?”

BBLP comprises several components. A fellowship at the Harvard Kennedy School, a mentoring program and an educational outreach initiative.

The initiative aims first for women applicants from Islamic countries, ranging from Lebanon to Bangladesh.

The fellows will then be expected to return to their home countries and to apply what they have learned through leadership in politics, or public or private administration, that will lead to principle-based change.

The program aims at creating a significant network of fellows and associates, current scholars already at Harvard — who, over time, will support each other, enhancing the likelihood of their success.

The first fellows are slated to arrive at Harvard during the fall of 2018.

The BBPL will also have an associate program which allows scholars already at Harvard to participate in certain aspects of the curriculum.



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