Academy Award Winning Singer Invites Salman Ahmad to Perform in the US

Salman Ahmad has won himself an international fan, and she's not just anybody, she's the Academy Award winning rock singer, Melissa Etheridge.

This is not the first interaction between the two. The rock stars met at the Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo 2007. They have co-written the song 'Ring the Bells' which Melissa featured in her 2008 album Merry Christmas.

The Grammy winner has also written the introduction to Salman Ahmed's book   Rock & Roll Jihad  where she says, "The story you are about to read is the story of a light-bringer… Salman Ahmad inspires me to reach always for the greatest heights and never to fear…Know that his story is a part of our history.”

Perhaps another duet is next in line? We hope so!


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