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Honoring Orphans & Making a Better World for Our Children
By Muhammad Niyaz

A fundraiser was recently organized by Saba Homes at the Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel in Buena Park, CA. People from different walks of life attended the event. Its principal purpose was to share information on the new projects that Saba Homes has recently initiated in Pakistan and to mobilize resources for their implementation.

The projects include New Saba School and Widows Income Program whose major focus is on providing goats to widows who can make a living by raising goats. People showed great support and generosity for the projects at the event. Among the main speakers who lauded the services of Saba Homes were: Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, Shaykh Mustafa Umar, Dr Sana Khan, Tom Thorkelson, Dr Adel El-Sahn, Mahomed Akbar (MK) and Muhammad Niyaz (Director-Media & Communications, Saba Homes).

Aron Kader, an Arab-American comedian, performed at the event. His performance was greatly enjoyed by the guests.

Munir Shaikh, who is President of the Board at Saba Homes, acted as the MC.

Among the sponsors were: Turkish Airlines, IIOC, Amana Mutual Trusts Fund, Dar El Salam Travels, Institute of Knowledge and Energy Saving Products (ESP). Special thanks are due to Guidance Residential, Merit Grants for Young Women (MGYW) and Energy Saving Products.

We are grateful to our donors, supporters, board members, friends of Saba Homes, volunteers, sponsors, and Mr Ismael Sindha for contributing to the success of the event and making it truly memorable.


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