Shura Council Resilient Leadership Award for Two Islamic Centers

The Shura Council is pleased to announce its Resilient Leadership  award to the  Islamic Community Center of Redlands  and the  Islamic Society of Palm Springs , says an email message. It adds:  

The San Bernardino tragedy aftermath had impacted both of these communities in many diverse ways. The Mosques received many hateful threatening phone calls and also several very angry protesters. The   Islamic Society of Palm Springs was firebombed . The Mosque was red tagged by the fire department as "unusable." 

The community suddenly became Mosque-less. Friday prayers were held on a sidewalk. Children were scared and the Sunday  School was closed. Amidst all of this, the leadership of both Mosques demonstrated grace and resilience in comforting and reassuring their respective communities while dealing with various agencies. 

" Despite being subjected to many difficulties, both communities demonstrated resilience and patience which deserves to be appreciated. I applaud the leadership and their selfless services to the community during their difficult time, said Dr Muzammil Siddiqi, Chairman of the Islamic Shura Council. 

Leadership is best demonstrated in the most difficult times. Let us celebrate the Islamic Community Center of Redlands and the Islamic Society of Palm Springs as examples of resilient leadership.  

As was announced last week, the Shura Council's   Compassion Award   will be received by Dr Faisal Qazi.

Let us come together to   celebrate our communities and the 21 years of service  by the Shura Council on  Saturday, February 27th .  Congressman Keith Ellison will keynote the banquet. CALL  714.373.6473  for tickets or   purchase online  by Feb. 21st, price increases on Feb. 22nd. No tickets will be sold at the door.



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