Anaheim Council's Approval of 'People's Map' Applauded

Anaheim, CA: “Today (Feb 11) the Council on American-Islamic Relations of the greater Los Angeles area (CAIR-LA) is excited to announce that the city of Anaheim approved the "people's map" this past Tuesday, February 9th at Anaheim City Hall,” says a CAIR press release. It adds: 
The unanimous vote by Anaheim City Council Members and Mayor was the final decision needed to implement the map which divides the city into multiple districts allowing for more direct and meaningful representation in city council.
The map was a product of a lawsuit filed in 2012, which alleged that the city council's at-large electoral system violated California's Voting Rights Act.
Anaheim was the largest city in California to elect its city council through "at large" elections rather than "by district." The result was that almost all city council members elected to represent the interests of the entire city of 330,000 were coming from one part of the city. 
The City agreed to move to district elections and selected a panel of retired judges to draw up district lines and hear suggestions community members and organizations had to offer. A broad group of community organizations including CAIR-LA, IIOC, OCCORD, OCCCO and many others worked together to suggest districts that would be fair and ensure representation and interests of all communities in Anaheim.
CAIR-LA mobilized community activists through Project MUSA (Muslims United for Solidarity and Action). The Anaheim Redistricting campaign was one of the several initiatives Project MUSA was organizing and advocating for.
You can find more information about Project MUSA and how to get involved  here
Thank you to all of our volunteers and community activists who invested time and efforts to bring about this historic victory! 


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