McDonald’s Opens Its Doors to Peshawar
By  Mahwish Qayyum  

Peshawar: People of the city need not crave a Big Mac from a distance any longer as McDonald s, one of the world’s largest fast food chains, has opened its doors in Peshawar.

“The restaurant will offer meals of various levels to customers from all segments of society,” said McDonald’s Pakistan CEO Amin Muhammad Lakhani at the inaugural ceremony of the restaurant on Sher Khan Road in the city on Monday.

“The restaurant will provide quality food in a clean environment to its customers.” He added the building is a state-of-the-art structure. “The staff is well-trained, and men and women will work in the restaurant without discrimination.”

Lakhani added not only will quality food be provided to the customers, but employment opportunities are also up for grabs for the youth.

As he spoke about the future plans of the restaurant, Lakhani said outlets of McDonald’s would be opened in other parts of the province as well. “People going to other cities to have McDonald’s [food] will no longer have to do so.”

McDonald’s Country Marketing Director Jameel Mughal said, “The restaurant, with 200 seats, would provide an appetizing meal for the people.” He added that space for birthday parties and other functions would also be provided. “Besides [separate] meals for children, there is also a play area.”

Shazia, a customer who came from Islamabad said, “I have come here with my family to taste the food at McDonald’s in Peshawar.” She added that she enjoyed the meal.

Mahnoor, who was also present on the opening day, said she used to go to Islamabad and Rawalpindi to have McDonald’s, but now she is happy that an outlet has opened in her city.

Another customer, Kamran Khan, said the opening of the chain in the city has made children very happy. “We have been waiting since a long time for this to happen; it is good for food lovers.”

A fairly large number of people of the city reached the restaurant to give it a try. - The Express Tribune


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