Partnering with YouTube to Bring You ‘iMPACt: Real Issues...Real Talk’
By Maha Awad

So much is happening around the world today and much of it is associated with Islam and Muslims in some way or another. Mainstream media will certainly report on what’s going on around the world, but often with a limited perspective.
As a leading voice for American Muslims on inclusion, dialogue and partnership, MPAC has always been keen on honest and real conversations about the issues that pertain to Muslims here in the US and abroad.
This is why we have partnered up with YouTube to produce MPAC’s new YouTube series called ‘iMPACt: Real Issues…Real Talk.’   With each episode, our goal is to tackle a timely issue and offer meaningful and informative perspectives in easily digestible segments that give young people of all faith backgrounds a clearer understanding of topics that are trending in the news and on social media.
As the host, it is my promise that we will not shy away from the difficult and uncomfortable issues, nor the unpopular or unconventional viewpoints. We will be honest with ourselves and our viewers about what’s going on in the world of Islam. We’ll keep it real.
We invite you to watch our first few special episodes and engage us in conversations about the issues—ask your questions, express your opinions, give us your feedback and tell us what you want to see and hear!

Latest ‘iMPACt’ Episodes:

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