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Helping Pakistanis Achieve Their American Dream

Los Angeles, CA: A grand and imposing event was held at a banquet hall in Los Angeles to officially launch the National Association of Pakistani Americans, USA (NAPA USA) last week.

The event that was well attended by the movers and shakers of the Pakistani-American community in Southern California marked the first public event of this nationwide organization. The newly arrived Consul General of Pakistan in Los Angeles, Abdul Jabbar Memon, was also present on the occasion.

The event was emceed by Dr Hawa Vaheed, who introduced the speakers and conducted the program admirably.


The President of NAPA USA, Arif Zaffar Mansuri, welcomed the guests and defined the objectives, mission, vision, and core values of the organization. He stated that NAPA USA was founded in 2015 to serve as a platform for advancing the political, business, social and cultural interests of the Pakistani-American community. He described NAPA USA as a community-based, all-inclusive, non-religious, non-political and not-for-profit organization. He stated that one of the main objectives of the organization is to give the Pakistani-American community a collective voice and presence nationwide.


In his brief speech Mansuri said, “America is great – among other things, what makes America great is its constitution which begins with 'We the people' and provides – peace, liberty and justice for all.’ He stated that the Pakistani expatriate community in America is a thriving and successful community and that the basis of the creation of this association is to ensure that Pakistani Americans continue to thrive in America and continue to enjoy all the rights, benefits and freedoms as any other citizen of this great country and that our future generations are able to retain our heritage, culture, traditions and values and make their mark in the land of Jefferson and Lincoln.


Mansuri stated that NAPA USA’s vision for the future is a thriving, vibrant, dynamic, passionate and united Pakistani-American community and an America that is enriched by the vital contributions of Pakistani Americans. He further stated that NAPA USA envisions a Pakistani-American community proud of its heritage and positive about its future in America.


The General Secretary of NAPA USA, Dr Shoaib Patail, discussed the next event of NAPA USA, which will be held on February 27, 2016 at the Sheraton Hotel in Cerritos, California. He described the event as one of the most significant events of the Pakistani-American community. He informed that the following special guests have confirmed their attendance at the event: US Senator John McCain - Chairman Senate Armed Services Committee; US Congressman Ed Royce - Chairman House Foreign Affairs Committee; Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Jalil Abbas Jilani; US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard G. Olson; US Congressman Keith M. Ellison; US Congressman Eliot L. Engel – Ranking Member House Foreign Affairs Committee; US Congressman Raul Ruiz, MD; US Congressman Tony Cárdenas and Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell. He invited the community to attend and support the forthcoming event.

The Treasurer of NAPA USA, Asif Chattha, described the financial structure of the organization and discussed the setup which requires internal control and audit systems which allow transparent and open record keeping of the Association’s financial matters.

The Member of the Board of NAPA USA, Samin Faruqui, delivered the closing remarks. He urged members of the Pakistani-American community to support the organization and to join NAPA USA.

Speaking on the occasion, the Consul General of Pakistan in Los Angeles, Abdul Jabbar Memon, stated that the launching of NAPA happened to be his first public engagement with the Pakistani community since his arrival in Los Angeles. He congratulated members of the Board of Directors and the Advisory Board of NAPA USA on their efforts and assured them his support for all Pakistani causes. He stated that he is the Consul General of each and every Pakistani within the territory of his Consulate. He invited every member of the Pakistani community to bring any issues or problems that they are facing to his attention. He stated that he has an open-door policy and that he wants to make sure that whoever needs to talk to him can easily get through to him.

Members of NAPA USA Advisory Board that were present on the occasion included: Dr Sohail Masood, Dr Naseem Malik, Waqar Khan and Dr Akmal Abbasi. NAPA USA Board Members that were not able to attend the event included Seeme Gull Khan Hassan and Dr Ashraf Kamdar.

A very festive and elegantly decorated venue was arranged by Zohra Patail and Rubina Faruqui along with a team of volunteers. Attendees of the event were treated to a melodious musical entertainment provided by Arshad Ali, Shazia Ali and Zohra Patail. A sumptuous dinner was enjoyed by all.



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