Progressive Expat Pakistanis and NSF to Organize Meeting on Aug 5


Progressive Expat Pakistanis and members of the National Students Federation (NSF) of Pakistan are organizing a meeting of like-minded friends on Friday, August 5, 2016 at the APPNA Convention at National Harbor Hotel, Washington DC, Room 1300 from 10.30 am to 11.30 am.

Agenda: To work out the structure of a body for promotion of progressive ideas to build a strong party cadre through establishment of libraries, learning and indoctrination centers all over Pakistan. Re-invigoration of NSF is a vital part of the strategy.

Current leadership of NSF in Pakistan will participate via Skype.

Program: Pervez Hoodbhoy, an MIT PhD, the most outspoken and known academic and enlightened political analyst of Pakistan, who has boldly spoken and written about discrimination, injustice and corruption in Pakistan, will give a speech on the ‘Role of Students in Combating Extremism-Discrimination-Corruption in Pakistan.'
For further information please contact:

Iftkhar Turab: 732 604 2430 e-mail ; Zulekha Yusuf Ph 703 960 3779 e-mail and S. Akhtar Ehtisham Ph 607 368 8736.


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