USCMO Offers Condolences on the Passing of Muhammad Ali


Washington, DC:  The US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) is saddened by the passing of Muhammad Ali, a legend and an icon of inspiration, after a 32-year battle with Parkinson's disease at the age of 74, says an email message. It adds:

Born in Louisville Kentucky in 1942 Muhammad Ali would go on to become the world’s greatest heavyweight champion and the most famous and influential American Muslim to date, spending his life fighting for human and civil rights. 

Ali began training at the age of 12 and by the age of 22 he had won the world heavyweight championship in 1964. Shortly after, Ali joined the Nation of Islam and subsequently converted to Sunni Islam in 1975 …

Throughout his life, Ali stood firmly for his beliefs shining a positive light on Islam and Muslims. As a proud Muslim, Muhammad Ali brought awareness of Islam and the beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to every household across the world. 

A true legend, Muhammad Ali's legacy will continue to inspire the American Muslim community and all of humanity for decades to come.

May the Almighty Allah bless his soul and bring comfort and solace to his family.

Shura Council Remembers Muhammad Ali


From God we come and to God we all return ...

The Islamic Shura Council joins the world in mourning the demise of   Muhammad Ali . We extend our most heartfelt condolences to his family.  We ask God, the Most Compassionate, to forgive his shortcomings and grant patience to his family on their irrevocable loss.

In the   passing of Muhammad Ali , we are reminded of the reality of our own return to God. Let us strive to root our lives in this inevitable reality and pray that we too meet our Lord in a manner that pleases Him.  There is no better time than the blessed month of Ramadan to begin the most important spiritual journey.

Muhammad Ali  was true to his first and his last name and we pray that he be blessed to meet both in the eternal life Hereafter. We ask that Masajid hold a special prayer for Br. Muhammad Ali   after 'Isha or taraweeh prayer.

UMAA Mourns Muhammad Ali


Washington, DC: The Universal Muslim Association of America offers its condolences on the death of Muhammad Ali, an American Muslim civil rights leader and sports champion. Mr Ali was known for his prolific defense of minority rights in America, and for his passionate devotion to Islam. For many, he served as one of the most visible Muslim personalities in the United States. Muhammad Ali originally joined the Nation of Islam, and converted to Sunni Islam later in his life. 
Mr Ali is shown in these pictures showing immense respect to the Imams of Ahlul Bayt and to the beliefs and practices of Shia Muslims during his visits to the Holy Shrines in Iraq and Iran. 
"Muhammad Ali is a true hero for the Muslim community. His stances on equality, human rights, and opposition to unjust war were visionary at the time, and have served as inspiration to generations of American Muslims." said Rahat Husain, Advocacy Director for UMAA.
UMAA Vice President, Dr Kashif Haider, will represent the organization at the funeral ceremonies for Muhammad Ali. 
Dr Sayed Nakshawani calls on community members to recite a special prayer from the Quran, known as "Al-Fatiha", for Muhammad Ali. 


ICNA Joins World Community in Mourning Ali

America and the world have lost one of the most beloved and transcendent figures of the 20th century, Muhammad Ali. ICNA joins the global community in praying for forgiveness of his sins and the highest reward in the Hereafter.
ICNA calls for all Muslims to offer Janazah ghaib (funeral prayer in the absence of the body) on the same day that the janazah prayer is offered with the body. This is one way to show our high regard for the decades-long champion of Islam and human rights, Muhammad Ali.


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