Trump Says Florida Massacre Proves He’s Right on Islamist Threat


Washington, DC: “You will find that many people that knew him felt that he was a whack job … (that) something like this would have happened,” Trump told  CNN in a phone interview.

“People that knew him, the ex-wife, other people. They don’t report them. For some reason the Muslim community does not report people like this.”

Trump said the United States needed better intelligence-gathering to prevent such things from happening.

“We have to look at the mosques … and we have to look at the community,” he said. “And believe me, the community knows the people that have the potential to blow up.”

Trump planned to deliver a speech on national security at 2 pm EDT on Monday in New Hampshire. The topic was a change from his earlier plans to criticize Clinton and what he said was her scandal-prone past.


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