Prominent Scholar Dr Aslam Farruki Passes away
By Dr A. Khan
Chicago, IL


Karachi: Prominent Urdu scholar, writer, poet and academic, Professor Dr Aslam Farrukhi passed away on June 15 in Karachi. He was laid to rest in the Karachi University graveyard.

Aslam Farruki was born on October 26, 1926, in Lucknow, UP , British India. He belonged to a literary family; his grandfather, father and brother were eminent poets and writers. After the creation of Pakistan, his family migrated to Karachi. He pursued his college education initially at the Federal Urdu College, Karachi, under the supervision of great Urdu scholar and Sufi saint Dr Ghulam Mustafa Khan Sahib , and later at the University of Karachi. After graduating, he joined Radio Pakistan as a script writer and produced many memorable radio feature programs and plays.

Professor Farruki started his academic career at SM Science College, Karachi. He later joined the University of Karachi and served in various capacities, as the head of Urdu Department, director of the Bureau of Composition, Compilation &Translation, and the Registrar of the University. During his tenure at the University of Karachi, Professor Farruki supervised dozens of M.Phil and PhD dissertations.

After his retirement, Dr Farruki’s passion and love for Urdu led him to serve in a volunteer capacity as the Director of Translation and Publication Department at Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology , Karachi.

Dr Farruki was aware of many challenges in developing scientific content in Urdu language, but he strongly believed that Urdu is a rich language and has all requisites for creating scientific content , and therefore, he worked zealously to develop many science and technology textbooks in the Urdu language.

Professor Farruki was a prolific scholar, he authored a large number of books which included: Muhammad Hussain Azad - Hayat-o-Tasaneef, Guldasta-e-Ahbab, AaNgann maiN Sitaray, Farid-o-Fard Fareed, Dabistaan-e-Nizam, BachooN key Sultan jee, and BachooN ke Ranga Rung Amir Khusraw. Dr Farruki is also known for his unique skill for creating biographical sketches (Khaka Nigari). He had special affinity with Sufi saints and wrote three books on Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia, and a number of articles on Dr Ghulam Mustafa Khan Sahib and other Sufi saints.

Dr Farruki was an articulate communicator, he spoke Nastaleeq Urdu in a very Nafees manner. Indeed, Urdu language and its lovers all over the world will miss the eloquence of Dr Farruki’s scholarship.

Dr Aslam Farruki is survived by his wife, Taj Begum Farruki, and two sons, Dr Asif Asalam Farruki and Tariq Aslam Farruki.


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