Google Maps introduce voice navigation in Pakistan

Karachi: After enabling live traffic updates last year, Google has introduced voice-guided navigation for major cities of Pakistan, reported The service is currently still in its beta stage, and is available using the latest version of Google Maps on Android operating system with no additional download required.

The initial screen is similar to the route preview feature already available in Pakistan. Users can set a route by turning on their current location and selecting a destination, pressing the big arrow on the right initiates the voice-guided turn-byturn navigation.

The feature is similar to standalone GPS navigation apps that have been available on the market for years, complete with a female voice warning you about roundabouts up ahead and when to turn. When using the feature the screen will be lit throughout.

Similar to standalone navigation systems, you can choose if you want to receive only important voice alerts or to turn them off completely.

Finding exact locations in the city can still be difficult and imprecise; you just have to find a nearby location or street to make do. It doesnít show you where to park or parking spots nearby, just the front door of your destination.

Google Navigation takes into account traffic along the route (from live traffic updates feature released earlier) and adjusts the ETA and best route to take accordingly.

Users can also navigate through the route in advance before the drive to get a better idea of where youíre heading; however this is not voice-guided.

The feature is helpful for solo drives and those who donít know their destination area very well. Users have an option to search for restaurants, fuel stations, grocery stores, coffee shops and more places along your chosen route, but locations are searched for in Urdu, which is jarring considering everything else in the app is in English.



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