White House Invites Pak Tech Entrepreneur to Address Global Summit
By Fawad Hasan

Pakistani tech entrepreneur Jehan Ara has been invited by The White House to address the 7th Annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit at Stanford University, California.

Jehan Ara, who is the president of  P@SHA and leads its tech incubator The Nest I/O, has received a letter on behalf of US President Barrack Obama to attend the event, to be held from June 23 to 24, as a panelist.

Jehan Ara will speak in the session featuring ‘Investing in South Asia: What’s next for Entrepreneurship in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh’.

Ara is vocal on many social issues such as freedom of speech and freedom on internet and has launched a campaign named “Bolo Bhi”. She has also made her mark in the realm of entrepreneurship and technology.

“I am always looking for opportunities to share with the world what is happening in the tech sector of the country,” Ara said while speaking to The Express Tribune.

“I am thankful to them for inviting me for such a great event where more than a thousand people would be in attendance. I am happy because it would be really amazing to let the attendees know about recent developments and innovations in Pakistan’s tech sector,” she said.

“When they hear about these happenings, they might be willing to invest in the start-up programs as we are facing a shortfall of foreign investment,” the tech entrepreneur added.

Two months ago, Ara spoke at the Columbia University, New York on the developments taking place in the tech sector. – The Express Tribune


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