Saqib Mausoof’s The Warehouse
By A.H. Cemendtaur

The media limelight is on Pakistan—not for good reasons though; and the brightest part of this focus is on the Pakistani areas bordering Afghanistan. It is not surprising that creative artists are turning their attention towards that region.  Saqib Mausoof, a Pakistni-American filmmaker and a writer, in one of those bounty seekers.  Mausoof’s latest work, The Warehouse, a novel, is about the many faces of the War on Terror being waged in Waziristan.

The Warehouse, published by Hachette India, and being well-received by critics in both India and Pakistan, was discussed in a literary meeting held on Saturday, September 10 at the Pakistani American Culture Center in Milpitas.  After an introduction by Dr Waheed Siddiqee, the meeting was emceed by Faraz Darvesh of  Saqib Mausoof read excerpts from his debut novel. Fyza Parviz, a Bay Area writer, read a review of Mausoof’s book.

A Q&A session that followed drifted into a general discussion on the growing fundamentalism in Muslim societies and the various reactions to it.




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