AMWEC Condemns Hateful Speech

An AMWEC statement emailed to Pakistan Link reads: A Muslim faith leader who cannot think before he speaks and spews hate cannot be trusted to lead a congregation.
AMWEC, a Muslim Women’s organization that has been fighting Islamophobia and anti-Semitism with interfaith leaders and community members at synagogues and churches, rejects the apology of the Imam.
Calling on Muslims to ‘annihilate Jews’ is simply unacceptable from a faith leader, an Imam. Considering the fact that our religion urges us to respect and love the ‘People of the Book,’ and we as Muslims cannot be Muslims unless we believe in Moses and the Torah, this Imam’s intolerance and hate cannot be overlooked, neither can it be forgiven. A leader has even more responsibility to show restraint and wisdom and these leaders are unfit to lead a congregation.
“We ask for their removal,” says Anila Ali, President American Muslim Women’s Empowerment Council. At a time, when Jews have stood up to protect their Muslim brothers and sisters, we cannot have a leader at a mosque spewing hate for Jews and get away,” said Ali.



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