Shura Council Statement on Recent
Comments by Some Imams

In the aftermath of the disturbing situation at one of our most holy places, Masjid al-Aqsa in Jerusalem, and some of the extreme measures of the government of Israel against the Palestinian people, our community was rightly saddened and distressed. Two of the Imams in their Friday sermons expressed their concerns in strong terms. Some of their words caused concern among our Jewish neighbors. These Imams have already expressed their regrets and have assured their commitment to work together for dialogue, justice and peace. We thank them and remind all Muslims, especially our Imams and religious leaders, to always follow the path of peace and justice in words and actions. It is our duty to bring understanding and good relations among the people of all faiths, races and cultures.
We appreciate our dialogue and good relations with many interfaith leaders and communities in Southern California. Many of them are our supporters and allies in our daily struggle against Islamophobia, anti-Muslim bigotry and hateful words and actions. We thank them for their support.
The international political situation and especially the suffering of our brothers and sisters in Palestine and other parts of the world has put our communities under great stress. We feel passionate to speak for them and remind our government and our fellow citizens about it. This is our duty and we should do it, but our words and actions should be to bring understanding, not alienation. Harsh rhetoric and angry words or deeds are not helpful and cannot solve any problem.
We express our goodwill towards the people of all faiths, races and cultures. We pray for justice and peace for all people. May God keep us on the right path. Amen.

Dr Muzammil Siddiqi
Islamic Shura Council of Southern California






Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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