An International Conference on the Prophet

Let us come together to learn, think, and pray for Prophet Muhammad, SallallahuAlaihewasallam.
A fact about the Prophet:
He lived: 22,995 days.
Total days in war: 6 days.
He hated war and never killed anyone. But did defend the peace the sanctuary of Madinah on God’s orders when Makkans came attacking.
But do our neighbors know this fact? He is depicted terribly by Islamophobes, while neutral people also remain silent.
It’s our job to share our love for the Prophet with our neighbors.
This day-long conference is designed to inform our neighbors of other faith about the one whom we love so much, God’s peace and blessing be upon him.
So please invite them to join us. Come with your family.
What: An International Conference on the Prophet
Two exhibits:
o Premiere of Prophet Muhammad, leader of a peace movement
o Islamophobia lent by New York University
2. Parallel Youth Conference on the Prophet
3. 10 lectures, 6 classes, panels
4. Free lunch if you register before Nov 28th
When: Sunday, December 3, 2017 @ 10 AM-4 PM
Where: Waterford Banquet, 933 S Riverside Dr., Elmhurst, IL
Registration: FREE Admission! Online Registration is Required.

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