80 American Muslims in Run for
Public Ofce during 2017-18

In a message Somayeh Nikooei, Senior Director of Programs and Operation, ISF claims that there are at least 80 American Muslims, who we are aware of, who ran for public office in 2017 or who will run in 2018 at all three levels of government: federal, state and local! Of those candidates running, about 36% are female and 64% are male. California and Michigan followed by Minnesota have the largest number of Muslims running for public office.

The preliminary data that we've collected so far is a promising indication of how far the American Muslim community has come in leading through public service. But there is still a lot of work to be done, including exponentially increasing these numbers so that American Muslims play a significant role in the political landscape of the United States! This is important because without a concerted effort to grow these numbers as ISF has been trying to do, the Muslim presence in American politics will remain limited.
Empowering Muslim students to become public servants is of critical importance in our political climate. That's why we hope you'll continue to support ISF's work to empower future American Muslim leaders. If not now, when?




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