Shura Council's Advisory on Executive Order Banning Immigration from 7 Muslim Countries


At times of uncertainty, we are reminded that our beloved prophet said: "If all humankind were to gather together to harm you or benefit you, they would not be able to do so except whatever Allah wills."
President Trump has signed a new executive order singling out and banning Muslim immigrants and refugees from certain Middle Eastern countries. We want to assure the Muslim community that the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California, with its member organizations, friends and allies, are working to guarantee the fair and just treatment of the Muslim community in Southern California by all government officials and agencies.
While we are analyzing the ramifications of this executive order on our local community, and communicating with civil rights and public affairs organizations to react in the most appropriate and suitable way, we strongly advise the following:
1. Muslim immigrants and refugees who reside in Southern California to consult with their legal advisers to understand the implications of this executive order on their status and travel plans.
2. We encourage community members to report to civil rights organizations like CAIR and ACLU any discriminatory treatment by any government office.
3. We ask community members to voice their concerns by reaching out to their elected officials and representatives using respectful and confident language to express the harm of such discriminatory laws.
4. We emphasize the importance to our community members to report any hate incident or hate crime against them resulting from the political atmosphere we are living in.
A national hotline for this purpose has been setup: (844) 99-JUSTICE [844-995-8784].
Local law enforcement agencies are here to protect us. In order for them to do their job they need to know. Reporting hate incidents and crimes is the only way they know who needs help and protection.
Being united is our best plan to be strong in the face of challenges. Together we can overcome obstacles. The Prophet - peace be upon him- said, "The hand of Allah is in support to the Jama'ah."



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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