Anwar Ali Releases His New Instrumental Album
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Anwaar Ali, a Sacramento-based Pakistani American singer and guitarist, has recently released a new instrumental album, ‘An Orphan’s Dream.'

The new album is a result of collaboration with his friend and co-producer Vincenzo Avallone from Deep Water Recordings in Italy. His brother singer Abrar Ali also helped him in producing An Orphan’s Dream.

The album has received great reviews since its release and the songs are being played on the radio from Canada, US, UK, Germany and many other countries, according to Sound Cloud.

The album also has been featured among the Best New Age CDs from the Best New Age Artists website.

‘An Orphan’s Dream' includes songs: The Day She Left, All Was Lost, A Life So Changed, Living In Your Memories, For Mom, You Gave Me Love, An Orphan's Dream, For Dad, A Promise Kept Alive, Never Alone, You Told Me A Story and We Shall Meet Again.

'In My Dreams' was Anwaar Ali's earlier album that also received wide audience.

Like ‘An Orphan’s Dream’, ‘In My Dreams’, is available on digital outlets including Amazon, iTunes and Spotify, etc.

‘In My Dreams’ is a showcase of emotional guitar solos, vocals and melodies, consisting of songs with vocals in Pujabi, Urdu and guitar instrumentals.

Songs 'Punjabi Munda' and the album title track 'In My Dreams' were also aired on a New York based Indian Bollywood Radio Station, ''.

Over the years Anwaar Ali has collaborated with many artists from all over the world and has shared the stage with prominent Pakistani artists including FakhirMehmood, AbrarulHaq, Shiraz Uppal, and the legendary Sajjad Ali.

Perhaps music is in Anwaar Ali's blood since he has been making music when he was a little boy. He spent his early childhood in a small Pakistani town, where he and his friends would make a beeline for the piano right after school. They learned to play

songs from some of their favorite artists, such as the popular Pakistani band Vital Signs. They even taught themselves to play the hit song ‘DilDil Pakistan’.

At the age of 15 Anwaar moved to the US and found a stellar mentor in his high school music teacher John Abigana, who took him under his wing and taught him to play guitar.

Anwaar also spent a lot of time learning to record and produce music during this time.

Along with his brother, he recorded an experimental instrumental album called SohniDharti (Beautiful Land).

After High School Anwaar continued learning music with other great music instructors including jazz guitarist Don Price.

Anwaar Ali is now enthusiastically working on another instrumental music album  ‘ Light Years Away.’




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