SCMCO Organizes “Joint Masjid Toy Drive for Immigrant Kids”

On December 31, 2016 the Southern California Muslims Community Organization (SCMCO) organized a charity event called “Joint Masjid Toy Drive for Immigrant Kids”.
The holiday season is a merry one that we spend with our families and our nearest and dearest. It is a time to reflect and rejoice, to be reminded of how lucky we are, and to express gratitude to Allah for the life we have. However, not all of us are as fortunate and there are many children who could use donations around the holiday season to brighten up their lives.
Besides the already existing immigrant families, around 300 families have relocated to San Diego. There are approximately 600 to 1000 kids among these new immigrant families. With Allah’s good graces, SCMCO distributed brand new toys to them.
Speakers on the occasion included Consul General Abdul Jabbar Memon of Pakistan, CAIR Executive Director San Diego Hanif Mohebi, El Cajon Police Department Chief, Religious Director of Islamic Center of Yorba Linda Sheikh Mahmood Harmoush, and Imam of Masjid Alsalam El Cajon Sheikh Amir Bajeliri. They all spoke about the importance of charity in Islam and lauded the efforts of SCMCO.
The charity event concluded with SCMCO Chairperson Dawar Naqvi thanking everyone for their contribution and support. He expressed gratitude to Allah SWT for the success of the toy drive. He also expressed his thanks to all institutions/masajid/ Syrian Community Network and individuals for their wholehearted support. He thanked all volunteers and his organizational team who worked diligently to bring the community together. He thanked GEO news producer, director and anchor Waqar Ali Khan for his efforts.




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