AMWEC Enlightens People on Muslim Women and their Rights at the Oldest Temple in Orange County
A Pakistan Link Report

The topic - women’s rights in Islam - brought a hall full of members of the Temple Beth Shalom in Santa Ana, on May 21st 2017. The beautiful Temple, which is the oldest temple in Orange County, was the venue for this engaging talk on Muslim women.
Anila Ali, an educator, author of an Interfaith children’s book on name-calling, Mommy am I a…? and President and Founder of AMWEC - American Muslim Women’s Empowerment Council - was invited by Brotherhood Speakers Series at the Temple to speak on women and Islam.
Ali started with a review of the verses in the Qur’an, which call on both men and women equally and leave no room for discrimination by Allah.
“Pious men, pious women, honorable men and honorable women - that is how Allah addresses his creation,” Ali said highlighting the crucial role that the early women of Islam played.
“Hazrat Khadija, was a successful businesswoman, a CEO in today’s world, who had employed a young man called Muhammad for his honesty. Soon she asked him for his hand in marriage. A woman, previously married with children, fifteen years senior, asks this young man, the Prophet of Islam, to marry her. Now that’s what you call true feminism. And that was 1400 years ago,” explained Ali.
Ali answered questions from the audience. A concerned member asked why there aren’t enough Muslims getting out and speaking. “Muslims are realizing the need to outreach to mainstream America and do Interfaith but it is definitely not enough,” she admitted.
“AMWEC is doing just that, working with mainstream groups, Interfaith groups, law enforcement, educators, etc., to dispel misconceptions about Islam and Muslims,” said Ali. At the end of the talk, Ali and a few other Muslims present, continued the dialogue on building understanding and thanked the hosts for a very warm welcome.
Ali reiterated the need for everyone to do Interfaith work as it is the only way to change hearts and minds.




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