Dr Siddiqi AttendsNational Muslim Catholic Dialogue in Chicago

The Chairman of the Shura Council, DrMuzammil Siddiqi, participated in two national interfaith dialogues in Chicago from March 8-11, 2017.
The National Muslim Catholic Dialogue was held at Catholic Theological Union and was attended by 30 Muslims and Catholic scholars.
The second dialogue was between Muslims and Lutheran scholars. It was held at the National Headquarters of Evangelical Lutheran Church in Chicago and was attended by 15 Muslim and Christian scholars.
The dialogue discussed the Abrahamic roots of Islam and Christian faiths. After two days of deliberations, the groups declared 12 principles of Muslim-
Christian relations:
1. Both Christianity and Islam find their theological foundations in Abraham.
2. Abraham provides an example for us to worship the One God.
3. We recognize that God sent Abraham to be a blessing for all people.
4. Muslims and Christians are related to all faith communities, but have a closer relationship with each other through Abraham. Both Muslims and Christians believe in the fatherhood of Abraham.
5. Abraham was obedient to God. He was a prophet of God, a friend of God, and a righteous servant of God.
6. We share common Abrahamic narratives that include Isaac, Ishmael, Sarah, and Hagar. The outline of the story is, more or less, the same.
7. We see Abraham as a model of how to walk in the ways of God.
8. In Abraham's compassion we find a great example for our relationship with all human beings.
9. Our traditions give prominence to both sons of Abraham. Both Isaac and Ishmael received the blessings of God.
10. God tested Abraham by telling him to offer his son. His response shows his ultimate submission to God.
11. Abraham's life is an example of faith and submission.
12. Muslims and Christians recognize that we share Abraham with the Jewish community.



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