Interning at CAIR-LA: The Right Place, at the Right Time

A CAIR announcement states: CAIR-LA is proud to feature its summer class of interns. These young activists came to CAIR-LA for the opportunity to give back to their community through our competitive internship program.
The program offers hands-on mentoring and skills-based training in a fast-paced environment, where interns work directly with experienced professionals fighting to defend the civil rights of vulnerable communities. Every term, we recruit driven young minds to the cause of defending these civil rights, fighting bigotry, and promoting tolerance.
Earlier this month, for example, our interns joined CAIR-LA staff to stand in solidarity with Laguna Beach residents and their supporters, who gathered in their hundreds to affirm the diversity that has always distinguished our communities here in Southern California. As CAIR-LA Policy and Advocacy Coordinator Asmaa Ahmed said before a group of interfaith leaders at the Neighborhood Congregation Church: “My liberation is as inextricably linked to yours as yours is to mine.” Our intern Imran Bholat was on hand to support Asmaa and filmed a short clip.

And the opportunity to be at the front lines of the fight for civil rights doesn't end there. Take the case of Kirsty Powell. CAIR-LA recently won a federal lawsuit filed on behalf of this Muslim woman, who had her religious head scarf (hijab) forcibly removed by a male officer of the Long Beach Police Department (LBPD).
As CAIR-LA Civil Rights Attorney Marwa Rifahie said in news reports following the judgement: “In addition to compensating Kirsty for the humiliation and distress she suffered, this decision also prompted a city-wide policy change by the Long Beach Police Department to ban the practice of forcible removal of the hijab for female arrestees in custody.”
Dozens of local and national media outlets covered the story, including CNN, the Los Angeles Times, and TIME.
Are you or someone you know looking for professional experience in the field of advocacy, youth empowerment, immigrants rights, or civil rights before deciding on a career? Apply to CAIR-LA's internship program by September 10!




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