Lena Khan, a Rising Star of the Muslim Community of America!
By Rafique Ahmed

I know Lena Khan since her childhood. Her parents, Amin Khan and Dr Talat Khan, have been our very sincere and good family friends for more than three decades.
I was always impressed by the intelligence of Lena. In addition to that, she has a very innovative and creative mind. After graduating from high school, she decided to excel in her innovative and creative skills at one of the best and world-renowned universities, UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) and acquired a degree in Cinematography (film making). She has since done shorts, commercials and music videos which not only helped her to learn all the basic requirements of production and direction, but also got her the experience and confidence to join the big league of Hollywood, the world capital of entertainment, knowledge and diversity.

Lena's perseverance, commitment and hard work finally paid off and she earned the honors of becoming the 'first Muslim female Director' to direct her first full length Hollywood movie "The Tiger Hunter" which incidentally is the first film by a 'female Muslim filmmaker' to reach a mainstream audience on national scale in America.
'The Tiger Hunter' also becomes the first Hollywood
movie with a Muslim filmmaker, Muslim producer, two lead Muslim characters and a couple of Muslim actors and has already won seven awards nationwide in film festivals for Best Movie, Best Director, Best Caste, etc. 'The Tiger Hunter' has also received extremely positive reviews in publications ranging from the Washington Post, The New York Times and The Hollywood Reporter -- the most respected industry paper.
'The Tiger Hunter' is being released on Friday, September 22, 2017 in theaters near you across the entire United States of America. It is a clean family film supported by everyone from film critics to studios to scholars. It is a hilarious and heartfelt journey of one immigrant's path to success, love and ambition. In other words, it is the story of so many of us.
I would like to congratulate Lena and her entire team for doing an excellent job in making this beautiful film. I believe this is just the beginning of a long and very successful career. Lena, you have proved to be truly 'a rising star' of the Muslim community not only of California, but also of our entire great country, the USA. Keep up the good work!
I would also very humbly like to request both, the Muslim community and the South Asian community in America to support this film, making it a big hit at the box office. Please share this mail with your family, friends and all other acquaintances encouraging them to watch this film at a theater near their homes and also to share this info on their social media. Your kind cooperation and strong support will be greatly appreciated.
May Allah Almighty bless you all.



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