April 03 , 2017

Storing water part of conspiracy against us: Khursheed Shah

Says prime minister should analyse current situation; hatred being created; Sindh’s economy being murdered by depriving province of its rights

SUKKUR: Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah has advised the prime minister to analyse the current situation of the provinces.

He said that there had already been problems between the provinces regarding gas issues, adding that the problem was aggravated by creating water issues. Shah said that hatred was being created due to the issues pertaining to water shortages — while some people were leaving water in the dams 'which made us wonder if this was a part of a larger conspiracy against us'.

He further added that Sindh’s economy was being murdered by depriving the province of its rights. He was addressing a convention at the Chamber of Agriculture, Sukkur.

“I am not condemning Nawaz Sharif,” Shah explained but said that he was just making the prime minister aware of his responsibilities, which his ministers and subordinates wouldn’t. “The prime minister should focus on his responsibilities instead of falling for adulation of his party members,” he said.

Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah said that as per the Constitution of Pakistan and agreements related to water, Sindh has the most right over water. “By depriving Sindh of its rights, Sindh’s economy is being murdered,” Shah said.

He said that water should be saved in floods in the rivers of Punjab. However, he added that injustice was being done by even pouring water in Punjab’s rivers in times of water deficit. “In case of water, Balochistan was being deliberately misinformed about Sindh by the Centre,” he claimed. “People of two provinces are yearning to get water, while the Indus River System Authority (IRSA) was saving water in dams.”

Shah questioned, “Is it a dangerous conspiracy being plotted against us?” He said that some people were trying to harm the country by taking such measures. “These measures will spur hatred in the country. The government is not paying attention to issues of this nature. Even in the past, problems of this nature have harmed the Federation, but now we don’t have power to tolerate such accidents.”

Shah further revealed that he had also written letters to the prime minister regarding this problem, but to no avail. He claimed that the prime minister and his respectable ministers don’t even like to come to parliament, therefore, this has compelled them to use speakers to send their messages across.

He asked, “Why the people talking about welfare were being cornered?” He further shared that there might come a time when no one would like to hear things related to welfare. “There should be politics. The public should be served through politics, but politics of creating hunger and deprivation in the country must not be employed.”

He claimed that 68 MNAs in Punjab were allowed gas in their constituencies, while no MNA of Sindh or Balochistan was given the same benefit. “How is that possible?” he questioned. He added that the prime minister should, therefore, understand the sensitivity of this scenario.

Shah further said that he would only be able to talk to the prime minister if he [Nawaz Sharif] were present in the National Assembly. “It saddens me to say that the prime minister doesn’t even come to the National Assembly,” Shah said. “Therefore, we have to write letters to the prime minister to enlighten him about the ongoing situations in the country.”

He said, “I am fulfilling my responsibility because I am the leader of the opposition in the National Assembly. There is a huge responsibility on my shoulders. The prime minister must come to the National Assembly. Even if he is not coming there, he should at least pay attention to the letters that I have sent him.”

Later, he also addressed another gathering in Sukkur. “I worked under Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, therefore, serving people is tantamount to worshipping for me,” he said in his address. “Even though elections are very close, I am not here to get more votes. However, I am here because Mir Shahid Hussain Talpur has invited me. I always share happy and sad moments with the people of my constituency. I also warmly welcome Mir Shahid Hussain Talpur to the Pakistan People’s Party.”

Shah further said that he had received complaints regarding loadshedding and water shortages. He said, “Bringing electricity to villages was our job. Now the public has to cooperate by paying their electricity bills in time because this is our national asset.” Following the address, Khursheed Ahmed Shah met the members of Shibani and Jiskani clans.



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