April 05 , 2017

Enough is enough, now Mian Sahib will have to go: Bilawal

Zardari says election will be held this year; PPP to form next government in Centre

GARHI KHUDA BUKSH: Former president and Pakistan People's Party Parliamentarians President Asif Ali Zardari on Tuesday said the PPP would form the next government in the Centre.

Addressing a public meeting on the occasion of the 38th death anniversary of Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Asif Ali Zardari said that his 15-day stay in the Punjab has created panic among the people with bat and lion, adding that he would visit every division and district of Punjab for electioneering this year.

He said despite being the minority party in the Senate, he succeeded in electing the PPP's chairman. Similarly, he said he would make sure that the next prime minister would be from the PPP. Zardari said the PPP was ready for election this year.

Meanwhile, Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, while criticising the PML-N, said that the people were fed up with the politics of threats and commission. He said: "Enough is enough, now Mian Sahib would have to go." He said the play to weaken the PPP will not be allowed.

On the other hand, Zardari said that during his stay in the Punjab, their opponents passed sleepless nights, adding soon he will visit every division and district of Punjab. He said he was not afraid of those who keep an evil eye on his party. "We have not written any book against the atrocities meted out to us."

Zardari said they had a philosophy thought program for the people. He claimed that CPEC was their program on which they were working now. He said the purpose of this annual gathering was to highlight the importance of Bhuttos' sacrifices. "We have always been the victims of character assassination," he claimed. In the next election, the PPP will form the government, he predicted.

The PPP is not afraid of people who are trying to target the party, he said. "We are ready for the elections and I promise you we will win," he added. "We have no electricity or water and yet they claim to be very smart and reject claims of corruption. We are awaiting the Panama verdict," he said, claiming that justice had never been done in Pakistan.

The former president said that they were waiting for the courts to announce its verdict in the Panama Leaks case. He said that Zulifikar Bhutto has turned Pakistan into a nuclear state but the PML-N wrongly propagated that Nawaz Sharif was the creator of the nuclear program. "What was Bhutto's crime? All the children know that Bhutto's crime was that he wanted to bring freedom in the country. He made Pakistan a nuclear power."

Zardari said: "Sadly till now, Bhutto has not gotten justice, nor have his heirs. Bhutto is the name of a struggle, an ideology and not just a person."

He said that electricity tariff had been doubled but power was not available. He said now water was also scarce. He said still they (PML-N) were calling themselves honest and claiming that they had done not a single rupee corruption. He said while his party was prepared for the next elections, they were waiting for the verdict in the Panama Leaks case.

On the occasion, PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that this day was the blackest day in Pakistan's history because Bhutto was hanged who had empowered women, who gave nuclear technology and the Constitution, who was the voice of unheard peasants, labourers and students. He said that Bhutto gave an independent foreign policy to the country but it was an irony that justice had not be done with his heirs. He said that Bhutto was the name of a legacy. He claimed that the present rulers came to power through rigged elections and they had failed to give a proper foreign policy. He said in terms of terrorism, there were the same conditions in the country that were two years ago. The necessity of establishing the military courts arises because the present rulers failed to implement the National Action Plan. He said he had been saying that the NAP should be properly implemented and action be taken in Punjab against terrorists and then we will get rid of them. He said that he has asked for forming a National Parliamentary Committee to look into the issue. He alleged that rulers are busy in corruption and they cannot do anything except making assets.

He said the Noon League was claiming development all over the country which was confined to advertisements only and was costing billions of rupees monthly.

Bilawal Zardari said that if there was development, then why the foreign loans were increasing and why the IMF loans were not decreasing. He asked why electricity loadshedding had been increased and why profit making institutions were being privatised. He said poverty was increasing, mills and factories were being closed, labourers are sleeping hungry and why the smaller provinces were feeling deprived. He urged the people, especially women, to give his party votes to make a corruption-free Pakistan.

"Mian Sahib, the people of Sindh know you well," he remarked. "You [Nawaz Sharif] claim that your heart goes out to the people. However, you have done nothing for the people. Mian Sahib, you are playing a very dangerous game."

Bilawal said the people of Sindh had no need for false promises of Mian Sahib, adding that Mian Sahib wanted to commit dacoity on the rights of the people just for winning a few seats. He said instead of making payments to the Sindh government, gas was not being provided to the Umerkot people. "We will not allow Mian Sahib to carry out this play," he said, adding that we will not allow weakening the Federation.

Bilawal said they were ready for elections adding that the party had started the preparation of manifesto. He said the manifesto would be according to the vision of Benazir Bhutto adding that this manifesto would be for the welfare of women and children.

He called the youth to join him in his struggle and support the party. The leader also spoke about female empowerment and said that his mother set an example for women empowerment.

The Sindh government had announced a public holiday on the day in the province. Security had been beefed up in and around the Bhutto family mausoleum and over 7,000 police personnel were deployed. A large crowd of enthusiastic party workers and admirers of ZA Bhutto participated in the public meeting to pay tributes to the iconic politician.




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